About Us

VisionaryLogic is a small, experienced, multi-disciplined design studio. We work in collaborative partnerships with agencies, independents and corporate in-house marketing and design teams. We have a history of long relationships, designing for an array of clients from incubator brands to Fortune 500 companies.

Apparel Brands:

Extensive experience working with more than 30 major apparel labels.

Health and Life Sciences:

Medical, diagnostics, biosciences and product control.

Product and Packaging Design:

Numerous brands and manufacturers from raw concept and 3d shape studies to finished photorealistic 3d visualization, production level CAD modeling and rapid-prototype physical models.

Travel, Hospitality and Destination Resort:

Hospitality and resort brands from coastal resort to ski representing some of the best resort properties and locations in the US.


Cloud Computing, Hardware Retailers, Analytics Verticals: Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, High Performance Analytics, Big Data, Retail, Grocery, Fraud, Risk, Banking & Insurance.